13:100 | Thirteen New York Architects Design for Ordos
New York, New York, 2008.
Project_ (Ana Miljacki and Lee Moreau with Dan Sakai and Ben Porto)

Exhibit curated by Gregory Wessner and The Architectural League of New York

The exhibit of the thirteen New York participants in the Ordos 100 project contends with two key issues: the participation in and the perpetuation of Ai Weiwei’s work on one hand and the contemporary predicament of a young architectural practice on the other hand. We wanted to separate judgments made on the site plan – its reproduction of an overblown suburban layout – from the judgment passed on the projects and on the role of the architects in the Ordos 100 project. In order to do that we disassociated the narrative of the trip, the actual site plan, and the invitation of the one hundred architects (what we see as the narration of Ai Weiwei’s master plan project) from the presentation of the work by the thirteen New York Architects. We treated the gallery as that space in which the viewer – through an intimate encounter and study of the work – becomes complicit with the architects.

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